[Writing Prompt] For a creative type essay, you reluctantly choose weaponized time travel for your topic. When submitting it online a minute before the deadline, you are hit with a 100% plagiarism match to a dissertation made in 1941.

ERROR the red words flashed across the screen. …

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” ~Michelangelo

For anyone who is a writer, creator, and entrepreneur, this quote is for you. Whether you are trying to predict the future or tell a good story, this should be the paradigm for your life…

A Crazy Immersive Interactive Art Experience

If you ever happen to be traveling in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, you should DEFINITELY stop by a cool amazing art installation called Meow Wolf.

(This instillation is not about cats and wolves, or really any other animal in particular, but instead houses over 100 local artists work…

Jonathan G. Chew

Disney Imagineer. Startup enthusiast. Sci-Fi/Self-Help novelist on a mission to build a Positopian world. Follow me @JonathanGChew or go to:

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