An Idea for inspiring more Creativity from your Designers

3 Key Principles and a Process for a Better, Happier Workplace

Are you in charge of a group of artistic, concept, and graphic designers?

Here’s a simple idea for how to get better ideas for a project you’re working on and to motivate them to have more passion for their work.

Example Prompt:

Design a new marquee for the entrance to a restaurant that has an aviation theme.

Sample Process:

  1. Pick a small group (maybe ~5 different designers) that have different styles and backgrounds.
  2. Give them the problem or prompt or challenge that you have to solve.
  3. If you do that on a Monday, then give them until Thursday and tell them to come up with between 3 to 5 different designs. NOTE: Don’t put too many constraints, allow them to express their creativity. If they want to come up with more ideas, that’s totally fine :)
  4. On Thursday, pin up all the different drawings and artwork onto a single wall so they can all be viewed at the same time. Make it almost like wall paper.
  5. Invite the creative director or art director to come take a look at all the different styles and renditions to get his feedback.
  6. Actively prompt him to get the details that he really likes about a particular drawing. Such as: “What do you like most about it?” or “What jumps out to you in particular?” or “What do you find appealing?” And make sure you have ALL the designers in the same room so they can hear his comments. Make sure you capture them.
  7. Now do the opposite and listen intently for the things he doesn’t like or the things to avoid.
  8. Now you have a clear direction and the artists are having fun at the same time because they get to express themselves in multiple ways!
  9. Repeat and whittle down the final design and deliver a great product!

It’s important to always remember that people are happiest when they get to express their genius and have control over their work.

The three key steps to good motivation for any employee of an organization are these 3 keys:

Autonomy, Variety, Sense of Purpose

If you just provide those to anyone that works for you or people doing work for you, remember to implement those and provide opportunities to increase those and you’ll have a thriving productive business!