At World’s Edge

A Flash Fiction by Jonathan Chew

The sky was falling. Or so it seemed. Huge pieces of metal fell out of the clouds. The ones that they said would never come down. Those “indestructible” titanic atmo-generators that the ancients said were built long ago to keep the world alive. “Life support,” they called it, “after the Nuclear Civil Wars of our ancestors that compounded the Global Warming problem and almost completely destroyed the Ozone and Upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Now, everyone’s worst nightmares were coming true.

Drucker awoke with a start from a scream. He thought he had woken up from a bad dream but instead, he awoke into one. One of those apocalyptic kind of nightmares where the world around him burned, trees were on fire, cars exploded, people were running. An orange hue was cast on his whole bedroom.

He jumped out of his bed and grabbed his emergency backpack. They had luckily been preparing for an emergency since he lived in California and the “Big One” was predicted to hit “anytime.” But no one could have predicted this.

He found his mom in the living room frantically running around grabbing old pictures and memory keepsakes.

MOM!! Let’s get out of here!” Drucker shouted with the voice of a lieutenant-commander from the Marines. He had been part of the ROTC for the better part of 2 years, and felt grateful for having gained some confidence and skills.

They both rushed out and started running towards the emergency center across town. He saw the orange fiery surroundings. He looked south towards the beach and noticed the waves from the ocean seemed to be higher than normal, almost like the oceans were getting restless and having their own drunken playtime.

Drucker looked up to the sky, and noticed, besides the random raining pieces of falling metal, that there was something very peculiar about the moon. In fact, it looked like it had been split in half, like a painting of a broken heart, and fragments were breaking free and heading towards Earth.

That would explain why the oceans were so out of whack.

Now the earth began to shake and tiny little asteroid rocks seemed to be coming down. It was serious. This was the fall of the civilization that humanity had built on this little spinning blue ball. Thoughts continued to race through his mind, and he had a little gnawing feeling that this couldn’t all have happened naturally. Scientific reports hadn’t mentioned anything about the moon splitting in half, only that the Earth’s ground would shake, and maybe split in half, especially California.

And as they neared the emergency center, his little inklings suddenly came to fruition as they were close enough to see a TV. It had actually been a ship that fired something at the moon, at the very center, and split it in half. This wasn’t just something happening, it was entirely intentional. And to Drucker’s dismay, this was the entrance of humanity into the Intergalactic World Wars.