Chapter 6: Getting the Jewels

Prompt: I thought that if two heads are better than one, three heads would be better than two, and four heads better than three. Was I ever mistaken!

Nick had heard this old saying from his grandfather a long time ago but he never thought anything of it until now. For the thief world, this might not be the best policy. In fact, on this very night, it seemed to be working against them.

A scream wailed out of nowhere. Or maybe several together at the same time, they couldn’t tell. Chloe and Nick glanced at each other both filled with the same question, what was up ahead?

They finally reached the top floor after climbing the spiral square stair case. It was a long hallway, just one leading to a single open door at the end of the hall with a strange golden light ray shining through. They walked cautiously towards the end expecting something to pop out, but nothing did. Just silence.

They push the door open wider slowly and there they see a glass case with the bag of jewels in the middle of the room. They see a round object slowly rolling towards them, or wait… was it a head? A head! A masked head was rolling towards them and beyond they saw two bodies crumpled down on the ground.

Chloe thought for a moment. She grabbed one of the smoke bombs from her belt and threw it into the room and within 3 seconds, an explosion filled the room with an entire cloud of white gas. Nick was amazed, but right when it exploded, red lasers were suddenly illuminated the were sweeping across the room.

But there was something peculiar about these lasers, it wasn’t a typical room full of high-powered lasers that could cut you in half (like that was even a typical room), these lasers were MOVING! They actually were roaming around the room searching for their next target.

“I don’t see a pattern in their movements!” Nick whispered to Chloe. He was searching for a pattern with which they could use to their advantage to get to the case in the middle.

The head finally arrived at their feet. Chloe picked up the head. “I have an idea…” She took the head and threw it back towards the center of the room.

Suddenly all the lasers converged, about 5 separate beams could be seen and all met where the rolling head was about 3 feet before it even reached the glass case.

They were TARGETING lasers that honed in on any movement that seemed to move towards the case. That explained their erratic behavior in movement. “Well,” Nick thought outloud, “Three heads were definitely better than two.”

“What?” Chloe looked confused.

“Just an old saying my grandfather used to say to me when I was growing up.”

“Ok, I think I have a plan,” Nick went on, “It looks like there are only 5 main targeting beams, and they can only theoretically target one thing at a time, so if we can throw something in and then come in after it, we can potentially disable the lasers while they’re not focused on us!”

Chloe was a quick learner, and thought it was a great idea and agreed to follow Nick’s lead.

With his trustee Ninja stars in hand he handed 2 to Chloe, “You take the two on the right, and I’ll take the three on the left, wherever they are.”

They quickly ran back to the staircase and grabbed the body of one of the guards and both carried it to the doorway. “On 3, we’re going to toss him in!” “One, two, THREE!”

Within a split second, the lasers were tracking the new body that entered the room, and quickly devoured it without noticing the two other bodies that had also entered with it. By the time they did and started to target the new bodies, Ninja stars were embedded in the sides of the lasers effectively disabling them!

Nick and Chloe landed in the middle of the room a few feet away from the case. They high-fives each other in joyful praise for conquering the impossible. The coast looked clear and they started looking over the case to see if there were any extra traps on it. But it looked ok, they started to move slowly towards it when all of a sudden the hairs on the back of Nick’s neck stood straight up.

There were some loud footsteps, and they saw a door that lay beyond the glass case was opening. And a large monstrous four-headed man stood in the doorway. “Well,” Nick said somehow nonchalantly, “Four heads are definitely NOT better than three.”

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