Jonathan Chew
Mar 31, 2018 · 2 min read

[Writing Prompt] For a creative type essay, you reluctantly choose weaponized time travel for your topic. When submitting it online a minute before the deadline, you are hit with a 100% plagiarism match to a dissertation made in 1941.

ERROR the red words flashed across the screen. “Error #14” meant that it was a 100% plagiarism match.

“What the?!!?!” said Nathaniel. “That’s IMPOSSIBLE!”

He clicked on the button that would display the actual essay that it was referencing the plagiarism. It was a document from 1941, during World War II.

He opened the file.

“NO… Way…” He said to himself trailing off and reading the file.

It was hand written… completely handwritten… but somehow, it was the same exact words that he had written on the computer. How could that be?

He scrolled down through the document. It was crazy, he couldn’t believe how accurate it was. He printed out his copy just so he could compare it.

But then, something caught his eye. There were capital red letters strewn throughout the essay. Enough that he thought that it might actually… spell something…

He quickly grabbed a pen and wrote down in the order he encountered them.

“C… O… M…”

Strange , he thought, if I were to leave a message, this is exactly how I would to it and he thought back to his childhood and how he always loved cryptography and sending hidden messages to his friends.


Whoa; that was a full word, he thought. This definitely is a message

“F… I… N… D…”


“M… E…”

He paused… that was the last of the red letters. But WHO?! Was the mysterious sender?

He texted his best friend. “Hey Victoria! There’s something I need to show you, need you to debug something.”

He took a photo, stuck the digital print out of the essay in his pocket, and sent the text off. As he was walking down the stairs, he noticed a flash. The door knob leading out to the street was glowing red. He hesitated but thought that maybe maintenance had replaced it recently.

He turned it, and walked out.

Another flash, and this time a loud deafening bang.

“Was that a Bomb?!”

He ducked for cover and saw a war torn tattered newspaper lying on the ground and saw the date. It was 1941.

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