You probably don’t know me, but I’m kind of a big deal.

Well … my face is.

About a year ago, I put my avatar on UI Faces, a directory where designers can donate their avatars for other designers to use in prototypes, mockups, and live websites. Before doing this, my avatar had already started popping up on the websites of several companies I had ties with — which was totally fine with me. Demonstrating your product in hypothetical situations is a great way to communicate what it does and how it works.

Soon, Chex-on-a-homepage became part phenomenon, part ploy…

But it’s not my choice

I’ve always tried to avoid being the victim.

Despite all my efforts, for most of my life I’ve been put in situations where I have to play that part. I’ve gotten quite used to being the victim while acting like I’m not.

As a kid, I was the runt of the family. In high school, I was the “smart, nerdy, asian” and a perpetual new kid (I moved schools 7 times). I was bullied and pushed around, made fun of, and was the subject of many a nasty rumor or pranks.

In the 3rd grade, I found my lunchbox filled…

Chelsea Otakan

Product designer @Stripe. Karaoke enthusiast. Likes purple.

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