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This article is so white privileged I don’t know where to begin. When you wake up at 430am to get ready to take 3 buses to get to work and are worrying about how you’re going to pay rent this month, lists like this are an insult. I wish every person in America were forced to live just three days in depressed areas (including ghettos and ghost towns). Everyone should be forced to live on meagre levels of assistance the “security net” provides. In some states you can receive food stamps only three months in a three-year period.

Live with a “real” family; not like the ones you see on TV. And, you must live within that family’s budget, even if it’s only $5 a day. Living from paycheck to paycheck is to be expected when you’re in your 20s but, when you’re in your 40s and things still suck, you feel beaten into accepting the status quo for the rest of your life. Silly lists of affirmations won’t feed your kids.

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