A letter to the boy I wasn’t enough for.

I think about you constantly, and you don’t deserve that kind of power over me. You lied to me and went behind my back because I didn’t give you what those girls could.

They’ll never be able to love you like I did. I stuck through things with you even after the second time you hurt me.

I gave you chance after chance and you took my trust for stupidity thinking I wouldn’t find out.

I was never un-loyal, never strayed, and never gave up on you.

Until the day you made me.

I wanted to try to trust you again and you pushed me to give up on you. You didn’t make me a priority and you didn’t make me feel important.

Thanks to you, I now know exactly what not to look for in a man.

I know my worth even though at 2 o’clock in the morning when I’m horrendously sobbing I doubt that I have any.

I’ve started to see that I was more than enough for you, but you couldn’t handle the love I was giving you, so you looked to other girls to boost your already large ego.

I was enough. I am enough. It’s you who isn’t enough for me. Because I deserve so much better than you.

So thank you for the lesson in how I shouldn’t be treated.

It’s because of you that I’ll never make that same mistake again.

Yours truly,

The girl who loved too much.

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