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The Calling of Generation Alpha

An open letter from one weary millennial to one little boy.

Cheyenne Noelle
Mar 28, 2018 · 8 min read


Ever since I was a small child, your grandfather Tim always believed I was supposed to rule the world.

The last name is symbolic in nature, representing a long line of power in the classicist sense.

Please God, if you only grant me this one single wish, let my son be kind and full of love for humans. Let him be a soft being, brimming with compassion and wonder.

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I saw myself living past 28 for the first time ever.

My motive is different than my father’s. He sought to influence. I seek to impact.

My only wish for you is to devote your life to being the best human you can possibly be while selflessly working to improve other humans, too.

Cheyenne Noelle

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