The irony

Relating back to my first article, “ Too black, Too white?” I realized today in my Afican American Cultural studies class that I felt too white! It’s interesting because I did not expect to feel this way in a type of program like this.

The main target of todays class was how African American people suffer specifically relating to “ white privilege” being a very diverse and controversial subject, it is mostly opinion based. I interpreted that many of my classmates felt that I got that white privileged being mixed.

I highly disagree I feel that me being African American has caused many to identify me as black and that is it. I felt attacked for being part black, although that is something that will never change nor would I want it too.

It is interesting to see that some people are so closed minded to other people’s experiences especially if they are not your own. Raising the issue, that we are now all a part of the problem. It is the divide in intersectionality, that cause people to reject others because of their different beliefs and culture.

To truly change and embrace diversity it is important to not only educate, but to try to understand others the best you can. I have found there are many things I won’t understand being raised by white people and enjoy hearing other people’s experiences with their different experience. I learn from other people’s situations and I grow off of them and their story.

I am dissapppointed in my class today for being so closed minded to my diversity being black and white. I felt that I was too white in the sense of me being part white they no longer saw me as black or equal to them being full black.

Looking forward to a solution to hopefully help educate my class and be more open minded towards my struggles and many struggles white people do face. I find that being hostile, spiteful, and angry at all white people for things like slavery and discrimination. We are now a part of the problem finding ourselves stereotyping, and discriminating towards them for having privileges or not being in the same boat we are.

I hope you keep up to date with my struggles and growth throughout the class and gain knowledge reading my personal struggles.