It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Feel better? Good. Now, may I say something?

I supported Sanders, because after decades of the status quo, of hearing about change and hope, after watching politics sink into an abyss, I wanted change that was real. No, he wasn’t going to get everything he wanted, but he was willing to try.

Instead, the party leadership got what they wanted by unbalancing the scales. Instead of a candidate who could have attracted voters who felt unrepresented by either party and wanted to see an upheaval in Washington, we got the ultimate status quo. A candidate who the Republicans had their knives sharpened for, but they didn’t need them. She cut herself up by not getting ahead of the email issue from day one. She couldn’t connect with the public like either Bernie had or Trump did. She went high, and exposed her low.

I voted for Hilary, because I could accept four years of her and the thought of four years of Trump sickened me. Hilary lost this one. Not Sanders or any other third-party candidate. The DNC got its candidate, and in a just world the entire leadership of the party would apologize, then resign en mass.

Because they gave America to the Republicans on a plate.

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