My craned neck switches from seeing that to seeing anything else

but I had to see it for as long as I could

half a second maybe

even less:

that was all it took to stop bearing


In these moments I am transparent

my face constantly betrays my feelings

spilling affect over my facial defects

projecting my internal state on

this infernal place


I swear to g-d I have a very sensitive right foot

it aches at the end of every day

tracing pressure from my arches to my


from my sinew to my


my foot lies in my bed bracing for another

day of stringent drones


Triumphant tones find you sometimes

when you are cycling late

on a summer night that never quite fades to darkness

and your legs shake and ache

you’d SING

the same phrase

the same phrase

through the night vacuum

and you wouldn’t care

that you’re not

Sufjan Stevens

[because you’re not

Sufjan Stevens]


A man in a taxi

drives by — he thinks he can hear

somebody singing all the way down Navan Road


The man frowns

he is probably right

it is an odd place to sing

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