Type 2 Diabetes Reversal — The Quick Start Guide
Dr. Jason Fung

First of all thank you for your very well explained article. As I understood your explanation for “insulin resistance” is that the bodily tissues get saturated with sugar and finally get more difficult to accept new glucose no matter how much insulin you put in the blood stream. Has this been put to the test ? If for example you take a sample of muscle tissue from a group of diabetic persons, are they much higher than the samples taken from non diabetic persons ? If this hypothesis is correct, this would mean that even eating way too much unrefined carbohydrates (as fruit, whole grains, potatoes, etc …) would also cause T2 diabetes, as the body gets also saturated with sugars. Have such cases been reported in medical studies , for example in a population of fruitarians ?

I have also seen the hypothesis where it is excess fat in the bloodstream that causes insulin resistance. So eating carbs together with fat (like for example a donut) would cause higher blood glucose levels. What do you think about this theory and has this been validated by studies ?

Thank you very much.

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