Being Real

We were hunter gatherers once. Every day was a fight for survival and we had nothing but our intelligence going for us. In the end, we prevailed over most of the problems the world could throw at us.

Despite overcoming so many challenges, we have now started looking inward to find a new array of problems, much more difficult to handle than those in our physical world. The problems of the mind.

We are all searching for answers. I believe that the reality that we live in holds the key.

We never stop to ponder upon the basis of our survival in this world. It is a balance, very fragile, but omnipresent. Nature teaches us that. Just think about the most basic unit of existence, the atom. It can only remain stable if it has exactly the same number of electrons and protons, i.e. positive and negative charge in balance. Any atom that doesn’t respect this balance is unstable and sometimes even toxic.

In our pursuit of happiness, we have started living a life defined by extremes rather than by balance. These extremes are dangerous and we are seeing those dangers today. If extreme poverty harms us, so do extreme riches. If extreme negativity is harmful, so is extreme optimism and euphoria. If extreme anti-nationalism is dangerous, so is extreme nationalist fervor. History is the biggest book of evidence that we have with us. Throughout history, extremes have always driven madmen and almost led us to annihilation.

If our very existence is based on balance, we can never hope to be at peace, if our mind is swinging between extremes. We should try to achieve an equilibrium at all times of sorrow and (maybe more importantly) happiness. It’s much easier said than done but it’s a step in the right direction.

There is something much better than POSITIVITY and NEGATIVITY in this world. It’s called REALITY. It’s in perpetual balance and it’s a beautiful thing.



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