Learning UX Design with Interaction Design Foundation — Review.

Chhavi Shrivastava
Oct 28, 2016 · 3 min read

I am not good with reviews, I can do stories. Let me tell you a few stories. Around two years back, for sometime I had been lingering around the discussions in the IDF community, still in that learning user-interface-is-a-part-of-user-experience phase of a newbie designer.

In just one of my lingering sessions, I saw a message on a group chat asking if someone is up to do the ACM CHI 2016 design challenge together. Within hours we had connected. Turned out she too was a novice in design too and was venturing out with this. Armed with the user experience courses of IDF, we, living across the world to each other (she pursuing her PhD from University of California, Santa Barbara and I, Bachelor’s of Design, IIT Guwahati, India) and enrolled in full time academic courses, decided to complete this in less than 15 days. What followed were a days when we worked at odd hours, scrounged IDF for user experience courses and used excessive amounts of Google Drive and Hangouts.

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Adventures you stumble into through IDF.

That was then. Learning design can be overwhelming at the start. Or in the middle. Now, after gaining two years of formal education in design, an internship or two at reputed firms, becoming a part of a design research lab, building up my portfolio website and starting to write about design, I still remain a devoted learner at IDF and use it as my crutch to not stumble along this path.

With their gigantic resources of design literature, thorough courses, dedicated founders and versatile community, they offer you a place you can always fall back on when needed.

I am a big fan of their “Daily Design Quote” that lands in my inbox every morning (doesn’t hurt to throw a few wise words when establishing your point in a discussion). The newsletter never fails to not have a link that piques up my curiosity and end up devouring it for the next few hours.

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Group discussions be like “I just read my mail. It said this.”

The best part : all it takes is a mail to reach out to them (be it when your credit card isn’t working when you have to recharge your membership or a simple is-this-good-design query).

I still consider myself not experienced enough to start handing out “how-to-conquer-design” pamphlets or jot down “100-resources-to-help-the-designer” (sometime in future that too). I am still learning everyday, but if I had to hand out one advice and name one resource to start with for any soul interested in design, it would be Interaction Design Foundation! :)

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A design resource and community I value.

A huge shoot out to Mads Soegaard and Shunyao Li for all of it :)

I am a design student from IIT, India. Just starting out to meddle with coding. In my free time, I read and do freelance design and content writing for a few startups. Presently looking for opportunities to explore design conferences and collaborate with people in universities abroad. Do drop by, I would love to chat up.

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