Black Voters Aren’t Feeling The Bern — Here’s Why
Marcus H. Johnson

Marcus Johnson — Senator Sanders did not vote for Iraq, nor Libya, nor Syria, nor any of the wars you speak of . He led the fight in Congress against the Iraq War, while Hillary loudly promoted it and stated that the United States must begin to think of Iraq as a “business opportunity.” I think that’s the way she thinks of everything. Senator Sanders predicted the outcome of an Iraq war, and said it would create terrorists, which it did. He also spoke out against the Libyan intervention and predicted it would cause Libya to become a failed state, and fertile ground for terrorists — which it did. He speaks out against any further intervention in Syria, while Secretary Clinton has promised to make Syria a no-fly zone, which would mean any Russian plane flying over Syria would be shot down , which would mean World War III. Secretary Clinton lied to both President Obama and NATO to convince them to join in the Libyan intervention, a move which President Obama said was the greatest mistake of his presidency. He firmly said no when Clinton then pushed for more intervention in Syria. Bernie spoke out against the Clinton-led “coup” in the Honduras. You also said that BErnie voted for the 3 strikes & mandatory minimums. Those were part of the 1994 Crime Bill. There are speeches he made on You Tube stating that he vehemently opposed those legislation, however, he voted for the crime bill because it contained other important issues, like $1.8 billion for the Violence Against Women Act, the federal assault weapons ban, the hate crime definitions, drug testing for parolees and the list goes on. He also asked the president to veto the 3 strikes, mandatory minimums, prison expansion, death penalty expansion and other parts of the bill that would in his words, “disproportionately affect African Americans and Latinos.” I am wondering if you purposely failed to research this article before writing it, or you just took some anti-Bernie person at their word without looking at the real facts. That is irresponsible journalism at its worse. Bernie voted against the Brady Bill because it contained the ridiculous item of holding gun manufacturers responsible for anyone who is killed by a gun that manufactured. He joined most of the Democrats in voting against that measure, and ultimately voted for it when it was taken out of the bill. He also voted against seven-day background checks and introduced an amendment for 3-day background checks. He received a D minus from the NRA because of his stand against guns. As for President Obama, as a Senator, Obama campaigned for Bernie when he was running for Senate in Vermont. As a member of the Health & Welfare Senate Committee, Bernie helped write the Affordable Care Act. Bernie and President Obama are friends, and it is only because Hillary does not have any issues to stand on and therefore, her only issue is to stand with Obama, that she insinuates that Bernie is against Obama. Clinton also lied when she said that Bernie did not support the Auto Bailout . There was only one Auto Bailout and it was introduced under the Obama administration and Bernie did vote for it. Bernie, along with most of the Democrats, voted against President Bush’s Wallstreet Bailouts (Tarp I and Tarp II) Tarp II contained some bailout monies for General Motors, but this was not the Auto Bailout. Hillary, along with the Republicans, voted for both Tarp I and Tarp II.

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