Black Voters Aren’t Feeling The Bern — Here’s Why
Marcus H. Johnson

This writer should do his research. “Never in his 70 plus years has Bernie engaged with Black leaders?” Bernie was the chairman of the Congress on Racial Equality in College, he marched with Dr. King, the epitome of Black leadership; he was chained to a Black woman when he was arrested protesting school segregation. He protested housing segregation. When Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for President, Bernie was the only white congressman who campaigned for him and helped him win the State of Vermont. Bernie is a product of Brooklyn New York and only moved to Burlington because his son’s mother moved and took the child there, and Bernie wanted to be in his child’s life. He continued to campaign against legislation that was disproportionately unfair to Blacks. Listen to his speech (it’s on You Tube) when he spoke out against the Clinton’s unfair welfare reform bill, which he said disproportionately affected Blacks and Latinos. Listen to his speech against the Crime Bill which Hillary Clinton strongly supported, even calling little Black children “Super Predators” who “need to be brought to heel.” I don’t know if this writer is brainwashed by the Hillary machine, or just unable to research a topic before he writes about it.

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