Another First Day.

Melbourne Diary in 27/03/2017

Gift from new company, thanks Boss!

Just Another First Day

Once again, I had another first day for a new job today, it’s my Sixth First Day since I relocated to Melbourne, I couldn’t say I’ve already got use to it, first day always gets me nervous, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that it’s not a big deal, no one would ever fire me just because I do something stupid on my first day, however, I just couldn’t help.

Time to Settle Down

I guess there won’t be any more First Day over the next year, my working holiday visa is going to expired in June, and I will start working with 457 visa then, there is no reason for me to get a new job, at least in Australia at this moment.

Take a Rest

First day on Monday is always exhausted, it’s something I still can’t avoid, too many new things to learn, too many names to remember, totally different environment to accommodate to, however, at least I can have a good sleep at Monday night.

Good Night and have a good sleep : )