Doing a Lot More with 404 Error Page

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Do you know that you can do a lot more with your error pages? It is likely that your site visitors will stumble on a 404 error page and you wouldn’t want to put them off by a plane white background having a piece of text on it.

Put a smile on their faces or possibly use the avenue to promote your brand. Keep the page simple but captivating to the visitor. Do not to let them go away from the wrong page.

Consider these tips for an effective 404 error page:
Keep it branded
: It should not look different from the rest of the pages. Use similar font and colors. Your design can turn an unpleasant experience of visiting a deleted page or broken link into something better.

Make them aware that an error occurred: Instead of redirecting the visitor to another page, make it clear to them that they clicked on a broken link or typed a non-existing URL

Use words like:
404, page not found
Page not found
The requested URL cannot be found
The page do not exist etc.

Provide an alternative course of action: Provide links to useful stuffs like promoted products (for an e-commerce site), your blog, or returning to the homepage. Don’t leave them wondering what to do next, include a search box. This can save sales, turn disappointment into satisfaction, and lower bounce rate.

  • Engage them with games, jokes, or captivating illustrations

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