Happy New Year

Time has no divisions to mark its passage; there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce its beginning. It is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off bangers. 2017 was just like yesterday and now it’s gone and will never return.

The past year came with a lot of experience, combo of good and bad times made the journey worthwhile. During the bad times, a handkerchief is there to always wipe away the tears and during the hard times, it sure remains a good friend to dry the sweat. I gave up some relationships, made new friends here in Lagos, got my first paid job as a dev, learnt about meetups and got involved in volunteering as a programming facilitator. It was indeed awesome.

Were there dreams you could not achieve, do not give up. There are probably many things you didn’t get done, you may not see any evidence of your toiling above the ground but God is sure at work beneath the soil. It isn’t nice to sigh, relax and just thank God for the little things He brought you through. We need His grace to succeed this year and therefore must draw close and have a constant communion with God.

A clean slate has just been handed to us, there is nothing special about the year if you don’t hit the ground and make it count. Network, Dream big, Plan ahead, Get up early, Stay focused, Make your health a priority, Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, Have an inspiring “WHY?”

Inscribe all the dreams you want to achieve, lives you want to impact, skills you want to acquire and hang it in a conspicuous position. We only have one life. Why not just keep it simple?

· Missing someone, call

· Want to meet up, invite

· Want to be understood, explain

· Have questions, ask

· Don’t like something, speak up

· Need something, ask for it

· Love someone, express it

· Above all, cherish those you have in your life.