How I Got My First Android Application on Google Play Store

Having completed my quiz application for Project 3 on Udacity Android Beginners Course, I thought of the next step to take. I felt that it would be important to publish the application on Google play store as a motivation to build more. Envisaging the type of applications I have downloaded so far from the store, I concluded that mine was not good enough to be published.

But, when I showed the Orbit Application I developed to one of my friends to criticize and he was amazed by what I built, my courage rose coupled with his colleague’s comment that it looks like a well-built application downloaded from play store.

Upon hearing that comment, I made up my mind that I must publish the application immediately to keep me motivated and, also get reviews from people on the application. My friend offered me his wireless network (as mine was not stable in that area) and I began my search on how to publish applications on Google play store immediately. I found some useful resources online on ways to achieve my aim which I commenced implementation.

I took these few steps:

  1. I signed in with my Google account
  2. Accepted the developer agreement
  3. Paid the registration fee of $25
  4. Got all the image assets required before launching an application (according to play store specification) and uploaded them alongside the APK
  5. Then, I published the application and prepared it for roll out and release.

Few hours after clicking on Review and Roll Out, the status changed from pending to published.

My joy knew no bounds and I distributed the link to friends and sought their feedback which kept coming one after the other. I am glad to have my application on Google Play Store and look forward to building more.

Still grateful to Andela, Andela Nigeria, Google Developers and Udacity for giving me the opportunity to start my journey with android

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I will make it count one step at a time

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