The spot light in darkness
 That encroaches all vagueness 
 The hope guaranteed For creatures
 Originally designed through its features
 Comes with its bloom 
 Like the sun in its glooms
 Assuredly illuminating it parts
 directorate in the right path
 Leading it’s people in the right path

In this clarity…. 
 Hides the illuminations of light 
 Just in its greatest might
 There lies the claws of love
 The innocent tends to wear as gloves
 There dwells the spirit of faith
 Defined as its meant to be a fate
 Sticking around is diligence
 Ensuring an astute resilience

With clarity in darkness…. 
 Great boulevards are paved
 Definitely as it is craved
 Peak of the heights are reached
 Causing everything to be rich
 Best of it all is given
 Just as it should be driven
 Reactions of it are seen
 In all its scene

I just need this clarity
 Not even you can do without this clarity 
 Ever found anything in darkness? 
 None in comprehensiveness
 Passing through all these hurdles
 We need clarity even in modules
 It’s impacts so great
 As has been made by he that create

Keeping my part straight I must do
 Keeping it just as you should
 Helping others as a person
 Yeah, we are meant to be a blessing 
 Heeding as we should
 To all the good words told

In finding clarity in darkness
 This you must know… 
 However long the night
 The dawn will break
 Success without a successor
 He said, is failure
 When you begin living right 
 The creator never withhold anything 
 Including the clarity in darkness

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