I saw it come through me
It came abruptly 
It seems I allowed it
Cause I should have rejected 
When I saw it coming 
The pain of not being free
something to never welcome

The act entangled me
I went out with the peer gradually 
Till I became conversant 
With the attitude allured
The inception was somewhat 
I abhorred with welcome
Equally caged now with the same.

To their amazement 
I became best on the act
I never knew from onset
The incentives I think
Kept me going in muds
Till it dashed away like it came
Leaving me in the middle of nowhere

Thus I continued 
Being in aware bondage
Till she came straight 
Admonishing of the way
Making real the bitter sweet
The path I had taken
For a long desired change

Realising myself this time
In thoughts of liberation 
In knowledge of great wastage
Bewildered state I could not help being
It was not vague anymore
Like a vivid view it came
Showing all brashly

I became an infantry
Fighting for self freedom
Warring to be normal
Struggling to be my actual self
Battling to make choices again
This time to make impact 
In the world I found myself

True freedom now known
Making choices to be the best
Acting to achieve serene world
Placing values before ecstasy 
Having my way for innovation 
Exposure to create the platforms 
Paving contours for great boulevards

These again is freedom!
 By Nwokenna Chiamaka

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