3 Websites I Cannot Go A Week Without

As a curious and easily fascinated individual, it could not be denied that the internet consumes a huge part of my day. With different forms of technology available everywhere, it is hard for me to rely on anything other than the internet whenever I need to be entertained, or when I couldn’t find anything else to do.

Like every other teenager in the Philippines, it might come as no surprise that Facebook and Youtube are websites that I don’t go a day without. And because Facebook and Youtube do not provide me with everything I need, I also visit other websites that could satisfy my wants and needs. Here are the top three websites that I could not go a week without visiting:

  1. Pinterest.com

The top on my list of websites is Pinterest. I am unsure if Pinterest is considered as a social media website, but I use it for research and inspiration. Pinterest is filled with different posts from different websites of any category. These posts could be on women’s and men’s fashion, books, music, food, fitness, etc. that could be saved on personal accounts.

Pinterest home feed and categories

I visit Pinterest both on my phone and my laptop everyday for a good thirty minutes to an hour, depending on what I need on a specific day. I use it to get inspiration on clothes, food, and anything under the sun. With its simple design, it enables users to search different posts to be pinned on personal boards easily.

I search for outfit ideas, makeup looks, hairstyles, recipes, gift ideas, room decor, etc. and pin it to boards that I label according to its corresponding category.

Pinterest boards

It allows me to follow different Pinterest users who share the same interests as me, and I also follow different boards with collections of different content.

What I love most about Pinterest is its ability to gather different posts on my home feed that are based on my recent searches and saved pins. As soon as I open the page or the app, I scroll through my feed and select posts that appeal to my own taste and interests to pin on my boards.

Pinterest home feed

My mom and a lot of my friends, even if we do not share the same interests, use Pinterest. It could really attract any kind of audience because of its wide variety of content that ranges from sports, video games, fitness, sports, cars, travel, and so much more.

2. Youngstar.ph

While most people are familiar with Philippine Star, some are yet to discover Young Star, which comes with Philippine Star newspapers every Sunday. Apart from their weekly newspaper publications, Young Star is more active in posting on their website Youngstar.ph.

Young Star home page

I personally do not buy and read newspapers because I mostly get my news from news articles shared on Facebook, so I get to access Young Star solely on my laptop a few times a week. Writers from Young Star post articles on art, books, music, events, etc. Its millennial-ish style resonates to my own which compels me to read more articles from their site. They also post news articles that are written for younger batch of readers.

Young Star articles

When I open the website, I just scroll down and click on articles that I find interesting. Their designs are what made me into Young Star, because I am easily captivated by things that are visually appealing. Another thing I like about Young Star is that it does not only focus on art, style or music, it also tackles different local issues that are relevant to the society at present.

From what I am aware of, not much of my friends visit Young Star’s website. It probably would not appeal to all audiences apart from people who are interested in music, events and style.

3. ViVi.tv

ViVi started as a magazine company in Japan, and expanded into Vivi.tv, which is their website. It posts different content everyday mostly on fashion, with few food and celebrity posts which I’ve never opened because of my unfamiliarity with Japanese celebrities. I visit the site on my laptop because the site is in Japanese, and I need Google Chrome for it to translate the page to English. I spend approximately half an hour on this site a few times a week to check their recent posts.

ViVi home page

Its design is pretty basic, but the posts’ icons are really colorful, which make the page livelier than it really is. What attracts me most are the pictures and posts that appeal to my own sense of style. In the Philippines, it is very rare to see people with clothing similar to the clothing featured in ViVi.tv, which makes me even more fascinated.

ViVi.tv post

From what I know, none of my friends visit ViVi probably because it is based in Japan. I would recommend this site to people who are interested in Japanese or Korean fashion, or just fashion in general. Majority of the posts here are catered to women or men who are into clothing, so people who do not share any interests in style would probably not appreciate the content that Vivi.tv offers.

While Pinterest is catered to almost any audience, I’ve figured that not everyone would appertain Young Star’s and ViVi’s content. These websites provide me with inspiration and feeds my curiosity with their creative content. I gain more knowledge on my interests, and even gain new interests from other posts that I come across with. I would definitely recommend these websites if you are interested with what I have mentioned above. Happy surfing!