The 3 Steps to (almost) Guarantee I’ll Hire You
Kevin Dewalt

Oh my Kevin, I realized I did this with the last three startups I worked with—

  1. SoHelpful — I wrote a blog post that caught your attention (
Customers are reluctant to ask for help — we have to convince them to give us a chance to prove we can help them. “Good customer service” isn’t enough. If you wait for people to ask for help you’re going to lose to the Gary Vaynerchuk’s of the world.

Everything *clicked* when I read one of your blog posts (this one: and I just couldn’t help but write about it.

2. — I wrote this marketing plan before applying to ( — their systems detected that I wrote about them before I ever sent an email indicating my intent to join them

And I’m actually still getting email and calls from foreign startups asking me for advice (and wanting to hire me) to enter the Philippine market just from this post.

3. (where I work right now with Brian Caouette) — I agreed to have lunch with their Asia Director when they were just starting to open an office in Manila just to advise them on Philippine culture, tips on hiring Filipinos, etc. and a few months later, I am heading Philippine operations — we’ll be a team of 5 people by end of this month!

So, absolutely, these three steps work — Mika is one smart cookie!