When Life Gives You No School, Take It.

Today our school decided to not have children go to school, but have the parents meet the teachers and discuss things about the child an how they are doing in that particular class. So, after my parents went to meet my sister teachers, we set out on our hectic day. Our first stop was Chick-fil-a at the mall. I had some chicken nuggets and a water. Pretty simple, right. After our nice lunch, we headed to Lowes to try and find whiteboard paint. If your wonder things such as huh and what, ill tell you. In our house, we have a blank room which is going to be turned into the study room. My mom and I did some research and saw this thing called whiteboard paint. It was pretty cool and looked fun so we decided to see if Lowes has it. Sadly, all they had was chalkboard paint. Don't worry, that was only the start of the day. After leaving Lowe’s we went down to a shop where a lady would hem my school skirts. I know why so late? Well, when we went to he uniform store before the school year started, they didnt have any in my size. So, we had to order some that took sooooooooo long. Finally, they came! When we left the hemming store, my mom, sister, and I all realized that we only had one more hour to change, get our swim stuff, and drive back up to the pool by four. When we arrived home, we quickly packed our bags and set off for the next thing on our list, swim practice. My sister and I are both competetive swimmers at the North Palm beach Swim Club. We swim six days a week for an hour and a half a day. At the pool the lightning alarm had gone off, so nobody culd get in the poll until it was all clear. Great now we have to wait for like another hour or so until they offically cancel swim practice. The storm was getting closer and worse , and twenty miniutes into the wait, they cancelled. I was relieved that I did’t have to jump into the freezing cold pool. The pool was so cold it felt like I was jumping into the Artic Ocean. That was all that happened today. Follow this blog and stay updated with the great life of Chiara Bell. Thanks!