In case you were wondering: there's no way out

Do you ever look out the window? In awe.

Because the things you see are too beautiful for them to be real.

Because the people before you are too perfect to be real.

Because the world is a chaotic, yet incredible, disaster.

Then you catch yourself.




The views to last. At least a bit longer than you know they will.

It’s tough. Seeing something so unreal, that you long for it to stay. That you wish you could hold on to.

But the reality is, that everything is an illusion.

People. Places. Things. Nothing will ever last.

Everything you know to be real is merely here for a while. Just a while.

The things meant to be admired. Desired. Sought after.




Reach— — —

🌬 Illusions. That’s what the world is. & until you can distinguish the real from reality, that’s all that it’ll ever be. ✨