the currents could drown you…

We are all swimming in deep waters infested with piranhas and underwater volcanoes; it’s a metaphor.

Some of us have life jackets.

Some of us are drowning.

The majority of us are floating —

or —

— treading water.

Whether you are aware of it or not, every single person that you encounter is struggling to survive; everyone is affected by some problem(s).

While numerous issues are trivial, others happen to be life threatening.

Will you know which person fights which battle? In most cases, no… but, simply because you are aware that everyone is vulnerable/has a weakness, you do not have permission to disrespect, criticize, or belittle others.

Instead, learn about people.

Learn about their flaws.

Learn about their experiences.

Appreciate their resilience.

Don’t take people and, more importantly, time for granted.
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