Felt that I will write here more often as compare to previously.. as now my outlet is further.. and from one end of the train to another end.. which made me feel like this 1 hr of my time is for me to think abt what to do next or plan what’s my plan….

Was searching for that one word to describe my position… few days ago “consistency” is the word that I felt that it fits the term.. but happen to see another “word” that I find that it seems a better term. “Persistency”.. in order to improve myself or push myself further.. I think u need to be more persistent than consistent.. which I think is one of the hardest thingy in life.. where u have to struggle with giving up or wipe away the sweat and push urself further..

Taking my first step of my plan my mailing the schools.. giving free eye check for primary school ppl more den P4.

Will slowly work out more things..

As I was telling a friend of my.. that.. actually a job of a manager is not to stay in the shop to lecture the staff.. or doing what the normal staff if doing.. like eye check etc.. company paying u extra not to do what the other staff are doing but rather u need to do more den what other staff are doing.. things like going ard and find new ideas of how to bring in more sales.. like my case.. liaise with schools.. liaise with mall.. liaise with community center.. or even with near by tenants… etc etc..but well…I guess not many ppl are doing that..

which making me the odd one out that others giving me the comment of why others is not doing and u need to do to find urself extra job..

For me I just hope that company is paying me what I worth.. because standing at a boss point of view.. if u are doing what other staff are doing then why are u getting a higher pay?.. why not the company just hire another staff to do ur job.. and paying lesser which in other words save cost..? Hahaha..

Anyway.. to be continue tomorrow.. reached my station alr…

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Shop Manager @ Tiong Bahru Plaza at OWNDAYS SG Be Understanding and not Understood!

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