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The most scary person in this earth is those person that can smile at you right now.. but becoming another person behind u.. saying how well done u had done.. how much they appreciate u.. but behind you they actually don’t support u.. haha sometimes I really wonder.. how to work with someone that suppose to be on ur side but yet not supporting u? Maybe they are afraid that you will climb over them? Well that doesn’t really matters to me though.. here I am trying to over come all this obstacle.. one by One.. to prove that even without you guys.. I’m still holding on the flag that I pitch 2 years ago..

I’m not trying to be disrespect or trying to be rebellious just an info for those reading this note now.. sometimes I may be abit too straight forward.. but I believe we all are doing for the sake of this company..

Sometimes I really wonder.. boot licking really is a powerful skill.. that not every one can have.. those people that master it 👍 haha.. those ppl that don’t.. it’s ok.. I believe ur hard work will be seen by many. I believe only time will tells..

hope that it’s not too late……

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No matter wad we do in life.. something that Ive learn.. there will always be 2 sided view.. the point of view for both.. and it depends on how u look at it.. that’s why I always think bout both side point of view before I make any decisions..

Be understanding and not understood!!

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Shop Manager @ Tiong Bahru Plaza at OWNDAYS SG Be Understanding and not Understood!

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