“The wolf of Wall Street”

A movie that was introduce by my ex company superior. It’s actually a movie saying this guy from a poor broker how he become a famous broker and earn a lot of money. Or maybe there is other meaning but after I watched the movie this is what I felt the meaning of the movie.

One part of the movie caught my attention and was capture in my head since then.. it’s about the man actor Leonardo DiCaprio staff asked his new joining staff or to say his friend that going to join his company, to sell a “Pen” to him.. his reply was “ this is a expensive pen etc.. etc… describing the pen” but Leonardo DiCaprio ways was “he took away the pen and pass him a paper ask him to write something on the paper without the pen”From this it actually shows that “sell the buyer by making him need the item”

This past one month had been trying ways and thinking abt how I approached and my staff approach.. in order to increase the unit price.. had been trying to sell blue shield lenses to customer but 70% of them rejected…Usually I would ask them, “so just to check sir do u need a blue shield lens? Or a normal clear will do?”But after I think for 2 weeks, and is because the way I approach.. giving customer a option to think if they wan clear lens or blue shield lens, thus I try my way of different approach by asking “sir, just to check will u be using iPhones/iPad or Infront of computer long hours”” most of them the answer is yes, so by then I followed my question by telling them we now having a “promotion”(making it sound more attractive) just to check if you are interested to upgrade your lenses to blue shield lenses or transition lens?” Using this method it seems like it’s working as my 70% no upgrade it actually when to as low as 30 — 40%. Meaning to say now I got 70% percent of my customer upgrading their lenses.. hoping to share this way to my opticians and let them try.. and maybe changing the conversation/ question for our sales staff to ask the customer too even before going into refraction room…

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