“Troubled and worried”

Lately.. heard some potential staff that left or going to leave the company soon. kinda worried what’s going on.. many things had changed..pay of SM changed/methods of election changed as well/many more… Change is a chance.. once massa San told us before..when the GE result is out.. I’m kinda worried abt the new manager meeting going to be like.. at least 50% of them will be new managers.. but at the same time.. this may be one of chance to change something new.. only time will tell….

Recently got a conversation with my secondary school mate.. about their job scoop in their company etc… one of them is the manager One of them is his staff.. so the staff is like commenting/complainting alot to the manger about their team mate is not working as hard and is dragging the team etc… so as the 3rd party siting down on the same table having our supper.. keeping quiet but mind is Reacting to his complain.. and listening to what the “manager” replied.. makes me feel like at our position the way we think really makes a different… is like when we think about anything or everything… there will definitely be 2 path.. Company/management point of view and staff point of view. And we have to stabilize the staff to make them understand the point of view and let them grow and think abt our position which may be their next step in life in future..

Sometimes even though we know that by doing this step many will be unhappy but we still had to do it.. sometimes when u know that by doing that you know you won’t feel happy but in order to cheer up your team you still had to do it.. haha that kinda feeling.. sometimes I would say if really sucks! But we don’t really have a choice but to learnt to carry this mile stone and continue walking..

Let’s gambatte ba!

Written by

Shop Manager @ Tiong Bahru Plaza at OWNDAYS SG Be Understanding and not Understood!

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