All Edtech Products from the EdSurge Edtech Index in One Image

The following images are from the Edtech Product Index, EdSurge’s community-driven database of edtech products. They’re in no particular order. There are 2089 products total (and 2055 unique images), as of Sep 6, 2016. The list also includes products that are shut down.

How I got the Images

  • I work for EdSurge, so I can easily get the image URLs from our codebase.
  • Download them using aria2, a better wget.
  • Tile them using ImageMagick (SuperUser answer / Montage documentation). I used 50x50+0+0 for the geometry option and 20x for the tile option.
  • Use ImageOptim to compress the image. The final image size is currently at 2.9MB.