Things to Do in Fukuoka, Japan: Eat till You Drop at Chiffon Cake Marie 🍰

Marie Murata, Owner / Executive Chef of Chiffon Cake Marie. All photos on this page are taken by the author, unless specified.

Fukuoka, Japan’s sixth largest city and gateway from Asia, is famous for tasty ramen, mentaiko (pollock roe), and motsunabe (traditional hot pot). Fukuoka is also the up-and-coming startup city, hosting a startup incubator and coworking space called Startup Cafe.

Today I’d like to introduce Chiffon Cake Marie, a delicious dessert shop in Fukuoka, and its owner Marie Murata, a talented 25 year old entrepreneur who’s pushing Fukuoka’s food and startup scene forward.

🍰 About Chiffon Cake Marie


Chiffon Cake Marie is a small cake shop which opened in January 2016 and has quickly become the top trending chiffon cake shop in Fukuoka. It became popular by word of mouth and coverage on local TV shows.

Atsushi Tamura, one of the most famous comedians in Japan, featured her shop on his Instagram.

Their cakes are known not just for their mouth-melting softness, but also for transparency. Every single ingredient used in the lineup of 20+ cakes has its origin listed, right on the store’s blackboard. The common ingredients are from Fukuoka and its neighboring cities: eggs from Fukuoka, flour from Saga, cane sugar from Amami Ōshima, and milk from Kumamoto.

Origin of every single ingredients used.

According to Marie, the owner, she was frustrated that many cake shops listed the ingredients used but rarely listed where those ingredients came from. Marie said she wanted to make sure her customers know the cakes they’ve bought are made from the best ingredients.

😍 About the Chiffon Cake

Photo from the official page.

At Chiffon Cake Marie, you can choose from over 20 flavors, listed on this page, plus some seasonal ones. Here are the top three bestselling flavors, as of my visit:

  1. Tapioca Shio-koji (shio-koji is a traditional Japanese ingredient made from salt, water and rice koji). This is the flavor I tried, and it tasted nothing like other chiffon cakes I’ve had. Sweet, soft, and slightly salty.
  2. Amanatsu (Japanese orange). Sweet and bitter tasting orange flavor. In season: early summer.
  3. Salt Lemon.

Price: Their chiffon cakes start from 500 yen (about $5) per piece.

Tapioca Chiffon Cakes.
Tasting Tapioca Shio-Koji Flavor, the best selling item.

👩‍🍳 About Marie Murata, Owner / Executive Chef

Marie Murata

Marie has always loved to cook, and became a licensed chef when she graduated from high school. She started selling her cakes during college — she used her grandmother’s house as a mini-factory. She started opening small booths at local organic grocery shops and train stations, and after graduating from college, Marie opened her own bakery in 2014. She originally sold Swiss roll cakes too, but in 2016 she pivoted to selling only chiffon cakes.

I met Marie online (she randomly messaged me on Facebook), and when I visited Fukuoka, she took me to a half-day trip in Itoshima, a rural area next to Fukuoka. We chatted about entrepreneurship, and Marie impressed me with her passion to succeed.

🗾 Location

Just a few minutes walk away from Takamiya station. It takes about 25–30 minutes door-to-door via train from Hakata bullet train station/Fukuoka airport. Use Google Maps to get there.

〒815–0082 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Minami-ku, Ōgusu, 3 Chome−17–17

⏰ Hours of Operation

  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Store opens at 11am. Come early: the store closes when all cakes are sold out, and they sell out fast (if they don’t, they’re open till 7pm).
  • Their Facebook Page has the most up-to-date information.

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Official Site (in Japanese):

Facebook Page: Chiffon Cake Marie