My Adaptability in bootcamp so far

I once saw a post that said “if you don’t work at night, you won’t have something to show in the morning”. Adaptability has been one of my core values. In the course of this bootcamp, I have found myself adapting to changes positively. One instance that comes to mind is having to learn and use a totally new CSS framework (Materialize CSS), sequelize, postgres and express.

At first it seemed impossible to learn all these new things, understand them, and apply them to the project I’m working on.

With Materialize CSS, I had google at my beck and call to help with that. Virtually all the blockers I ran into in trying to learn and use Materialize, I found solutions on them.

Setting up babel(to transpile es6 down to es5) didn’t come as easy. I was stuck on that for a while. I had to keep asking questions until I got a teammate who pointed me in the direction of the solution to my blocker.

Being self-taught and having had to do everything myself before Andela, it was a bit difficult initially to seek for help on blockers I had. But because of how much the need for collaboration(which happens to be one of the four values here) is emphasized, I’ve had to adapt, and I can boldly say anyone can have more done in less time if only they’ll collaborate.

Over the weekend I had a blocker, my sequelize and postgre weren’t communicating well and it really set me back. But then I remembered Liverpool football club slogan “You will never walk alone” and I quickly reached out to one of my friends who is a fellow and he put me through. After that, I was able to model my tables and create relations without any bug.

In conclusion, Andela has taught me how to adapt positively, and I find myself exceeding my limits and setting new ones.

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