My Experience So Far

Prior to my application and subsequent acceptance into bootcamp, I was focused purely on PHP and MySQL with little javascript. Having to build the application we were asked to build with Nodejs and express makes me feel like I’m already learning all programming languages.

The most interesting thing I’ve found about javascript is that for almost everything one wants to achieve, there is an already built package. So I ask myself why I didn’t start programming with javascript.

At the time I started programming, I was impressed by facebook and how massive it was growing, so I did a research and found out that it was developed with PHP.

I wanted to build something far bigger than Facebook, but as I started programming gradually, I learned that programming languages are designed for specific purposes, and I might as well build anything with any language.

In the course of working on the app we are currently working on (More Recipe app) today, not only did I encounter blockers but my app crashed several times.

At some point I felt like I was in a market where everybody was talking at the same time and I wasn’t connecting. No wonder collaboration is one of Andela’s key values. Collaborating with peers put me back on track.

I believe the reason collaboration is so effective is the fact that there is almost no bug or blocker that is new. Whatever blocker one has has been had by someone else.

Working with NodeJS and Express, pushing to github, checking my pivotal tracker, I now understand why some people think programmers are behaviour-wired. If one is not focused, he/she will not be able to coordinate his/her work.

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