My Experience So Far

Andela bootcamp has been the best learning experience I have had so far. I find myself pushing the limit every day, doing things I never thought I could do within a short period of time. It has been a fun and challenging experience. Like they say nothing good comes easy.

Today, I had to model a real life system using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and ECMAScript 6 (es6). Although that particular task is not too difficult technically, understanding is the key when it comes to modeling a real life situation.

First I had to understand the javascript class model. Then I had to read up OOP, and the Airbnb style guide since that was one of the feedback I received from my LFA.

Reading through those got me started quickly. Mobile data, Google search and Youtube were beside me to help ensure I destroyed any obstacle I may have encountered in the process of getting the task done.

Finally I was able come up with a real life model.

On a whole, the Andela environment is very friendly and informal. Seeing people coming to the office in shorts gives me an assurance that when I eventually get in, I’ll be in an environment where people are not judged by how fantastic they dress, but by how efficient they are.

I’ve only spent a day, but with what I’ve seen (the challenge to grow), I’m sure I’m on my way to becoming a World Class Developer.