My experience at Andela Boot camp so far, day 3

This Post is a continuation of my previous posts.

Today is the last day for the home session in Andela boot camp. For the self-training, we focused on Programming logic and Front-end Development. Today is one of the most important days because it completes the first stage of boot-camp.

Software development is not for the faint hearted I must say. After much coding and debugging, I finally tested my app and yes! It was then I said to myself, I can push my project to Git. Another task completed, I went to my Trello board and ticked it off. With a euphoric feeling of triumph, I threw my hands up in the air and leaned back to bask.

The boot camp so far has been very intense; reading and coding is quite a handful, but it helped me realize how we humans are fashioned to multitask and how they can go out of their way, make sacrifices and compromise to achieve a stated goal.

I am getting ready for tomorrow’s tasks, where we shall be working on collaborative projects with fellow boot campers. I have not worked on a collaborative project before, so I am looking forward to learning a lot. New challenges in life should strengthen our problem-solving skills, that’s one of the things I have learned from my experience so far in the boot camp.

All of the sadness along the way are just progress until the end. And when the end comes, what is important is knowing I can achieve more and attain mastery through resilience and persistence. So to be both happy and successful in whatever walks of life requires the development of one virtue above all, and that is resilience.