Fast and Secure Cryptocurrency Trading in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the knowledge of cryptocurrency trading is fast leaving the shadows and becoming common knowledge. This has caused a few cryptocurrency exchanges to spring up to solve cryptocurrency trading challenges that customers may have. Some of such challenges are storage for the cryptocurrency, where to sell cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the safety of those cryptocurrency transactions.

One of such platforms to pick and address a particular problem/niche is CoinBarter. A digital cryptocurrency platform where customers can sell their cryptocurrency without having to signup or register.

CoinBarter is known as the fastest and most secure way to sell your Bitcoin and Ethereum in Nigeria. Launched about 3 weeks ago, the platform has already seen a whopping over NGN30,000,000 in transaction volume from unique customers.

Why use CoinBarter? CoinBarter allows you to sell your Bitcoin and Ethereum securely, seamlessly and instantly and on-the-go.

  • No login or sign up required. Simply download the app, input the Bitcoin or Ethereum amount you want to sell and follow the prompts.
  • Bitcoin/Ethereum is verified in minutes. No waiting, No lagging.
  • Get cash equivalent deposited into the account details you provided instantly.
  • Your identity is safe and you can sell as many times as you want.
  • Your email address is only used to send your transaction details and will not be used for any other purpose.

CoinBarter website is fully functional and easy to navigate, visit to get started. They also have an android app that allows you to make your transactions on the go. The app is currently on the Google Play Store, ready for download here.