Introducing feedly’s New Explore Experience
Eduardo Santos

Pro user for several years. I use Feedly as a quick sort tool, and I hit the site multiple times a day .One of the reasons I like (and pay for) Feedly is because it ISN’T News360, it ISN’T Flipboard, it isn’t any number of the other “hey let’s make it ‘pretty’ on a tablet” news readers. When I read feedly I turn off all of the preview options and stick with a nice tight list of headlines. I can plow through literally hundreds of headlines in just a few minutes with this approach.

It’s fine if you want to add the rich, luxurious visual experience with acres of white space as an OPTION (similar to what you have now). But if you dump the option of having a nice, tight list of headlines from each of my sections I am gone. Remember where you came from: You’re here today because Google Reader imploded. Google reader was tight and clean and people need that in a big sea of designer froth. Mess with the clean formula at your own peril.

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