Why is the vision so important for your creative project

When we speak of the vision in artistic projects, the direct relationship that comes to my head is to find a transcendental sense as to why you do what you want to do.

Stated simply, the vision is what will allow you to connect to the source of all possibilities and with this dive into a vast pool of energy that you can start swimming in and become someone who seems inexhaustible with what you want do. Being one with the vision feels like you can breathe the ocean water.

It’s like something magical, in the sense that we cannot control it — and there’s no sense in doing so, though the monstrous release of information that we have seen as humanity has allowed us to build a much closer understanding of how to manifest in more creative ways any project where vision is present.

Just as the fish belongs to another world and, from our perspective, can “breathe” in it, vision is available only for those who are committed to connect to a vaster world than that in which they believe they’re living in. And you only need to use your mind to do it.

If you think you haven’t found the certain vision for your project, you should evaluate whether you’re dedicating all the energy that you have to excessively rationalize everything. I’m not saying it’s wrong to use our rational part; I’m only inviting you to spend more to with your visionary part.

The vision is blurred and trying to give sharpness to it is complete nonsense if you have not begun to move towards that something “you cannot see very well” but that to the extent you progress, it is taking shape. The vision encompasses everything while not in an event or fact. These are only possible forms of its presence or its absence that cannot be contained as a whole.

Already having a little sense on what the vision might mean, it is now important to see what those things are that won’t let us connect with it at the moment.

Allow yourself to deny a lot of things

You can start by making a list of things you do not want to be and do as an artist. It’s a good way to start considering what is important; it is very unlikely to deny your own essence.

Don’t think too much while doing this process, just let yourself go. This seeks to ensure that you pay attention to what you already do but doesn’t really take you to connect with your visionary mind, that which will become the best fuel for you and your companions.

The wonderful thing about a person with vision is that they can sustain projects involving tens, hundreds or thousands of people.

A person with enough vision can reach a point where they can connect to major processes that transcend and thus may create a strong impact on the world.

Everything conforms to fit your purpose.

Steve Jobs was one of the most famous recent visionaries

Beat your reactive nature

This goes a little in hand with the logic of action-reaction. If we are reactive, we act by default to life and this means that we don’t often have control over what we do. The vision is a good companion to those who “act” and not those who “react”.

There are many ways to start being a little more active than reactive, but the most obvious one is to put ourselves in practice to get it. How? Make yourself do things you would not do by default in a given situation.

If you heard the phrase “do not promise when you’re happy,” well, it comes a little from there.

When we are happy our emotions inflate and we enter an excitement state that puts us happy and we put on a good face to everyone, and we hug everyone and do one or another stupidity by circumstantial joy. Here we enter a reactive phase and as a reflection, we project our happiness to others.

Now let’s look at the same situation in an inverse way: we suddenly live a moment that makes us feel rage, annoyance and our blood begins to boil. Reactively, we extend our bad time to others, but the “active” work would come if we turn off the autopilot and, despite our bad time, we can treat others well and as a result the rest of the day we have to live is not ruined.

When you recognize your reactive nature you can give way to be more active and do things that can take you away from any situation of blockage. Creativity breaks through and we can make things we didn’t even imagine we could do. This was what happened to us when we decided to record our first songs on our own and break into the music scene.

The shock you face to see that you have done something that you didn’t even remotely had the idea you could achieve becomes a catalyst for your most creative part.

The moment you face an emotional situation, stop, relax and think if the type of attitude you’re going to take is reactive or active.

Synchronize thoughts-words-actions

This synchronization will help you focus on what the vision delivers as “feelings” or “possibilities”. The vision allows us to imagine anything and project in rather fanciful ways, but only the willingness to take the thoughts into words and tangible actions will cause it to not be a waste of time.

Before coming to be recognized by millions of people, The Beatles made an artistic life for several years in the restive city of Hamburg. They were nobodies, but practiced every day something very important: concentration and faith.

Always back-stage, John Lennon was the iterator and guardian of the vision. While looking in the mirror, he asked: “Who is the best band in the world, guys?” I think you can already suppose what the other three replied.

They not only thought it and said it; they put the best on their part for that to take form. It was a matter of time. The vision is very powerful for anyone who is committed to practice all these images she puts in your head.

If you are not the visionary, get on someone else’s boat

At this point you may feel that everything I have said does not fit your reality. Maybe you don’t want to be that visionary I speak of, but you know what the vision is about and you can identify non visionaries from visionaries. And it is well to approach them because you will draw a new way of seeing life, in addition to filling the energy necessary to be able to make change something enriching for your process.

And oddly enough, the vision is contagious.

There will come a time when you’ve become so familiar with it that you’ll begin to make it the basis of the most important things in your life.

Once you have begun to consider it, you’ll become more flexible and adaptable to the facts that you live, putting our concentration and faith in any possibility that fits with it, will allow us to change the rigid attitude or inflexible plan for different ways to do things.

Maybe at first it won’t be as you imagine, but for someone with vision this “awareness” allows you to move the rudder to any other direction and avoid unnecessary suffering for not understanding that we should be flexible on the way to our dreams. The goal should never be lost, but how we carry them out is determined to be very diverse.

Written by Ánfer Chávez C. / Translated by María G. Pernía

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