Care A Little Extra With Chicco’s Best Baby Body Lotion

The skin plays a very important role in regulating a body’s temperature and even protects it against a plethora of external, environmental factors such as heat, extreme cold, pollution and much more. Before birth, a baby lives in a protective atmosphere — inside a mother’s womb. His entry into the outside world puts him into an entirely new environment where he’s exposed to many health risks. As an infant’s body and immune system are more fragile than that of a grown up and therefor, he requires utmost care and protection. As a parent, it’s important for you to know basic essentials about skin and take care of it, especially during the first few months of his birth. 
 Chicco, one of the leading baby care brand in India, brings forth an ideal baby body lotion from its Baby Moments range that’s packed with all the essential nutrients necessary for keeping the newborn’s skin soft, tender and protected against hypoallergenic diseases. The lotion is free from paraben, dyes and alcohol making it safe for use.
 Deeply moisturizes the skin: Loaded with natural ingredients such as rich almond milk, the body lotion by Chicco has the prowess to nourish the skin deeply and keep it wonderfully smooth and soft.
 Absorbing property: Non-oily or greasy in nature, the body lotion is quickly absorbed by newborn’s skin, thus, making it tender and velvety soft. 
 Protective layer: A baby is born with a protective skin called vernix that peels off within two weeks of his birth making him prone to many skin conditions such as rashes, blisters, acne, etc. Chicco’s body lotion helps maintain this vital protective layer and keeps the baby safe and guarded against such ailments.
 Clinically Tested: Lotions manufactured by Chicco undergo tons of tests to assure that they match the brand’s quality standards and are safe for application on a baby’s skin. This is the very reason that makes Chicco’s lotion the best baby body lotion in the market.
 Hypoallergenic: The Body lotion is hypoallergenic in nature. This means that the ingredients used for preparing lotions are formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies to the babies. The formulation is Parabens, dyes and alcohol free making them absolutely safe for use.
 Taking care of your newborn’s skin will certainly require a little extra effort and patience. Use the baby body lotion on a regular basis and keep his skin soft, nourished and hydrated always.

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