The Three Things I’ve Learned From Eighteen Years of Public Speaking

As a German academic, i will be looking forward then, to thursday, when i present my thesis 😏

Although this being true, i’m just kidding 😊 Presenting and shit is awesome,…it’s a performance,…a service,…it’s a chance,…fireworks 💫

I figure the struggle with this is of course the nervousness, but yeah, that’s not gonna go away until you make the experience. And guess what, …experience, that’s this wonderful thing which can’t be bought and has to be self-made. Magical, right?! 😏

I feel often a problem is unpreparedness which then becomes an additonal source for nervousness. Not being prepared on the other end is a “f*ck you” to the audience. Take you presentation time times the people in the audience and depending on the size, you quickly are in charge of a whole days worth of time.

So, if you care, the only thing you can “control” on your part is your PREPARATION,…embrace the rest and grow from there

PS: Maybe even consider joining a theatre group, …it sure as hell helped me, and not just with presenting 😀

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