Virginia GOP debate over abortion is a chilling reminder about what’s at stake
Laurel Raymond

The day that Roe v Wade is overturned the Republican Party will cease to exist, here’s why!

They won’t be able to lie and raise money anymore on the anti-abortion gigs cause it will be illegal! Also, all those fat hogs that spend their days outside legal abortions clinics yelling & screaming won’t have a reason to get up in the morning anymore there fore those fat sweathogs will just die off real quickly! Those pigs are so grotesque they couldn’t give it away on any death row in the world!

All that won’t matter as long as trump is in office as the republicans might as well kiss any new seats good-bye and the ones they’re holding now will also be a loss cause!

Here’s what I want to see happen! Any politican that is anti-abortion should be made to have his wife and daughters(18 & over) swear in a court of law they’ve never had a abortion for any reason!

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