Dear Businesslady: How Do I Respect My Coworker’s Gender (and My Own)?
Businesslady {Courtney C.W. Guerra}

I think in terms of things like putting pronouns on your resume, you should do an assessment of where you’re applying. Your local LGBT center (or similar org) probably wouldn’t blink an eye, but if you’re applying to, I don’t know, a bank (guessing here, I’ve never worked in a bank), they might wonder why that information is appearing as part of your work history. I would think that for orgs that aren’t queer/lefty/generally touchy-feely, the time to bring it up would be when you’re contacted for an interview. Of course, if you’d really just rather not deal with people who are gonna have weird issues about gender stuff, then putting your pronouns in a cover letter or resume will serve as an effective filtering mechanism. So there’s that!

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