When my work visa ran out, I was lost and angry — until I found myself in curry and sticky rice

AAnil and I bonded in London over a mutual aversion to mushy peas. “No wonder they colonized India,” he joked, winning me over immediately. On one of our earliest dates, we made samosas from scratch, using puff pastry for the crust with disastrous consequences. I fell in love when he…

There is no right time to call out misogyny, or racism. Requiring a perfect messenger is a central facet of misogyny and patriarchy.

So, we all know the big hullaballoo at the US Open Women’s Final’s Serena Williams 23-time Grand Slam singles winner faced off against newbie and rising star Naomi Osaka…and lost. Emphatically. Because Osaka outplayed her. She beat Williams — her idol, who won her first Grand Slam when Osaka was…

Madhuri Sastry

Feminist. Writer. Intl Human Rights Law. She/Her Read my stuff: www.thechicksandbalances.com

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