5 Environmental Photographers to Keep an Eye Out For

The type of lens one should use depends on exactly what the photographer wants to shoot.

I hope that one day I will be a photographer to watch on someone’s list but until then, here are my top 5 picks of photographers who you should be watching out for.

1. Gary Crabbe

Gary Crabbe is an award-winning commercial editorial scenic landscape travel photographer who specializes in California portraits. He has published 7 books but what makes him an interesting photographer is that he worked 9 years with Galen Rowell. For those of you who do not know who Galen Rowell was, he was an internationally known environmental photographer before passing away in 2002. Rowell’s photographs can be seen in highly ranked magazines such as Life and National Geographic. Gary Crabbe can be seen as the closest photographer we have to Rowell in today’s times. Check out his website, enlightphoto.com, or follow him on Twitter, @enlightphoto, to see more of his photographs.

Courtesy of Enlightened Images: Photography by Gary Crabbe Twitter

2. Luke Taylor

Taylor, 20, is the youngest photographer on the list. During his high school years at The Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology, Taylor focused on communication arts, and media. During his upper level years, he built a reputation for himself as a talented student photographer and because of this, many students asked him to take their senior portraits. After graduating high school in 2015, Taylor decided to fully commit to his photography. He, along with the help of friends, started a Reno/Tahoe based photography and videography business called Tweaking Reality Studios. You can view his photographs on his Instagram account, @lukeandrew_taylor, or on his company’s website, tweakingrealitystudios.com.

Courtesy of Luke Taylor’s Instagram: @lukeandrew_taylor

3. Tiffany Bell

What makes Tiffany Bell such an exciting photographer is that she does not only capture environmental portraits. She captures just about anything. From food to people to the beautiful city she based in, Los Angeles. Her strength when it comes to her photography? Bell is able to capture even the finest details in her photographs. By doing this she is able to let her viewers feel as if they are inside the photograph and taking part in the scene within the frame. Just like the two previous photographers mentioned, Bell has her own website, tiffanysbell.com, where you can view her masterpieces or follow her on Instagram, @tiffanysbell, to see her latest updates. But be warned, staring at her food page for awhile will cause your stomach to speak.

Courtesy of Tiffany Bells Instagram: @tiffanysbell

4. Fabio Antenore

No Fabio did not leave the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercials to become a photographer. Don’t worry all romance novel readers, Fabio is still yours. But Fabio is the name of another very talented photographer. Fabio Antenore captures the beauty of the world while also offering workshops for those who wish to learn the art of environmental photography. One look at his photographs and you might wonder why not every single human being on this planet has signed up for his photography workshop. It’s hard to believe that Antenore took his photos on this planet since his photographs look out of this world. He is able to use the contrasting colors of the land and sky to make his photos really stand out. Check him out on his Instagram account, @antenorefabio, or visit his website, fabioantenore.ch.

Courtesy of Fabio Antenore’s Instagram: @antenorefabio

5. Max Rive

Last but not least, drum roll please…. Max Rive. Right off the back, I have a question for Rive. How does he always find perfect lighting fro the scenes he is about to capture? Rive uses the sky’s natural light to enhance the details in his photos. The lighting as well as his slow shutter speed, gives his photography a peaceful viewing of nature. The landscapes he captures are the type of places you wish you could escape to after a long and stressful day. Follow him on Instagram, @maxrivephotography, or view more of his photographs on his website, maxrivephotography.com.

Courtesy of Max Rive’s Instagram: @maxrivephotography

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