How Photography Became My Language

Photo of me taken by my wonderful friend, Sabrina Haque

Hi, Stephanie here! Or how you might know me, Chick with a Nikon. As I was rumbling through my old baby photos I began to think, “Stephanie, why did you choose to do photography as a hobby?” Then I began to think, “Oh my gosh Stephanie! What if the reason you don’t have so many followers is because they do not know your photography history!” So I’m here to fix that. Today is Get To Know Stephanie Day! I know you’re probably super excited and currently jumping up and down but please try to control yourself. Instead, read my short photography biography (haha that rhymes) and then go crazy.

Where it all started!

I was born in a log cabin. I’m just kidding! But seriously, you don’t need to know my whole life story. Just the basics. I was a little Mexican/Spanish girl growing up in the late 90s, early 2000s. If you didn’t include my family, I didn’t have many friends. I was very shy and would keep to myself most of the time. I know hard to believe. But it’s true! My mom, being the teacher that she is, tried to find ways for me to express myself. She tried drawing, painting, and singing and none of those things worked. Then one day while we were visiting Mexico, my mom left me in the car with a bag of disposable cameras. Being the curious five-year-old I was, I opened one of the packages and started to mess around with the camera. My mom quickly took out her camera and began to take pictures of me taking pictures (See below). The cameras did not have any film in them since they were recycled but a bulb went off in my mom’s head.

Five-year-old Stephanie playing with disposable cameras. Photograph credits belong to my wonderful mother.
Five-year-old Stephanie playing with disposable cameras. Photograph credits belong to my wonderful mother.

Baby’s first photos!

Like I said, something went off in my mother’s head and she got an idea. We were still in Mexico and Dia de Los Muertos was just around the corner. Living in one of the most populated cities in Mexico, there was a festival everyday. My mother bought me my own disposable camera (it was the 90s!) and took me to one of the many events. She told me to take photos of everything I found beautiful. I didn’t really speak much so my mom had to assume I understood what she was saying. My eyes went straight to the dancers. The dancers were all females and were wearing colorful dresses that looked as if a rainbow was dancing. It was here where I took my first photo (See below). It might not be the best photo but you have to remember, I was five and the cameras are not what they are today. But I still keep this photo close to me to show how far I’ve come.

Photograph taken by five-year-old me

Flash Forward

I turned 15 (I know, I grew up fast) and it was time for me to go to high school. I was still shy but not that much due to photography. These past years I would use photography to communicate my thoughts and opinions to my teachers, parents, and friends. I started to gain confidence and began to open up. When it came to picking high schools, I knew I wanted to go to one that expanded my views on photography. I chose The Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology (AACT). There I focused on photography and was able to learn new skills while also obtaining college credits. My photography improved so much that I got my own photography exhibit at the Holland Art Museum. Picasso watch out! Here is one of my most famous photos that was displayed in the exhibit.

Image: Stephanie Lamas

Present day!

Now I don’t even know how to hold a camera. I’m kidding! Now you can find me taking pictures of anything and anyone. I love taking candid shots of people having fun or enjoying themselves. But my favorite photographs are those I take of nature. I just love capturing the beautiful world!

Image: Stephanie Lamas

Gracias! Thank you for reading my photography biography (haha still funny). Now you may jump up and down. If you liked this piece and want to stay updated, follow me on my other social media platforms: