To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

To Laura Munoz RE: To Men I love, About Men Who Scare me

It’s distressing for me to hear as a man that there are men that still act like this, your succinct article hit home.

However, behaviour based on fear is still inexcusable and for good reason, because it’s irrational, no matter how reasonable. If somebody had the experience of being lied to for a majority of their life, does that make it excusable for them to distrust everybody around them? It is reasonable to assume it’s a direct result, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. They still have a choice to be a beacon of trust, refusing to be a mutation of their environment, or to be another who compels lies and distrust further.

Also, just because Man A jokes in a plainly offensive way and it’s wrong, doesn’t mean Man B is wrong to joke in a way that reminds you of Man A, that’s a false cause fallacy. But - if the nature of the joke is harmful to you or others, you’re right that it’s a symptom of a deeper issue, individually and collectively and in that case, frosty just won’t do, freeze that shit all together.

Please adjust your mindset and your words accordingly.

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