ADPR 2200 Week 4 Reflection

This week’s lesson I feel taught me two things. Look around and be comfortable. When it comes to reporting and finding interesting stories you have to stop, open your mind and see what pops out and excites you the most. You may not find it immediately but it will come to you eventually and maybe you’ll end up changing it. When it comes to being comfortable, you have to be at ease when interviewing the person you are getting answers from. If you are the one who is more relaxed and fluid with the interview, then it will probably end with your benefit.

Traveling to the public market is a great way to work on this because it allows you to be in a fun and easy setting, while also forcing you to confront strangers and ask them questions. Maybe its the culture that exists in the public market, but I do feel more confident in going up to people talking with them to see what they have to say. Obviously I am not perfect at it, but I am better than I was yesterday.

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